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Used Photographic Equipment - Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50m

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Used Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm 1.8

  • Firmware updated.
  • Shutter count 150,00.
  • Battery health 82%.
  • Body condition - Excellent.
  • Lens condition - Excellent.
  • Lens Astigmatism Score - 2%.


    Like New - Excellent - Good - Well Used -

    Heavily Used Lens Astigmatism Score


    Lens cap, body cap,  EN-EL15 Lithium-Ion Battery, MH-25 QuickCharger, USB Cable, Audio Video Cable, Nikon DK-5 Eyepiece Cap.

    How Do We Choose Our Used Equipment?

    90% of the used photographic equipment we sell comes from existing customers who have used our services. So we already have hands on knowledge of the cameras and lenses. This gives us pretty accurate idea of the kind of treatment the gear has had. We don't choose every piece of gear that is offered us in fact a large percentage we turn down. Unlike most other re-sellers we test before we buy especially the sensor and lens. The testing shows us if the lens has been dropped or knocked or the sensor has been poorly cleaned and damaged.

    We know the big companies dealing with used equipment don't do this. They handle hundreds if not thousands of items a week so how could they! Buying second hand equipment shouldn't be a version of Russian roulette or a market to try and pass on your duds....but it can be if you don't test first.

    How Do We Prepare Our Used Equipment?

    Basically we carry out all processes we perform in our Annual Camera Service.

    It includes our market leading sensor clean and whilst in the cavity of the camera we clean the whole chamber. Once cleaned it is inspected to check for any wear or mechanical malfunction. If repairs are required we complete before it is ready for sale. Areas cleaned:

    • Sensor
    • Chamber
    • Mirror box (DSLR only)
    • Viewfinder and eyepiece
    • Focussing screen (but not extraction of)

    If you think of detailing on a classic car this is the level of cleaning that is performed on the exterior of your camera. All the usual dirt and grime that can build up on something that is handled as much as a camera. It can start to clog up connectors, buttons and dials. Areas cleaned:

    • Main external body
    • Buttons
    • Controls
    • Dials
    • Flash housing
    • Eyepiece
    • LCD screen
    • Connections, USB, remote control, battery
    • Memory card doors


    • Update camera firmware (if required)
    • Configure battery (Canon LPE- Series only)
    • Shutter count check (Applicable to certain Canon / Nikon models only)
    • Check Battery Health

    What Does Our Warranty Cover?

    What Is Covered

    Parts and labour costs in relation to the repair with an approved repairs agent of any fault which occurred during normal usage of the item within the warranty period. Please note that you must contact us for agreement prior to arranging any repair.

    Specific Exclusion
    Consumables, including batteries, are not covered by the warranty.

    What Is Not Covered

    Wear and tear.
    Faults caused by shock or fall, sand, dust, dirt, damp or corrosion, leaky batteries, an act of war or terrorism, fire, theft, attempted theft, accidental or malicious damage, vandalism, corrosion, water contamination or ingress, frost, flooding or other adverse weather conditions, repair or cleaning by unauthorised personnel, impact;

    Accidental damage
    Inclusive of but not limited to: faults that have occurred because you have not used, stored or handled the product properly or have not followed our written instructions for the product, or those of the manufacturer; or damage or defect due to wilful neglect or negligence by anyone other than us.

    Faults relating to damage to components such as connector pins deemed by us to be the result of accidental damage or misuse

    Faults relating to image sharpness of a lens that is clearly open to human judgement

    Faults occurring with items where parts are no longer produced, such that the Product cannot be repaired.

    Loss of quality, degradation of performance or actual damage that results from the use of spare parts or other replaceable items (such as consumables) that are neither made nor recommended by the manufacturer.

    Faults due to the connection of other fittings or accessories to the product which we have not approved.

    Faults due to defective repair carried out by someone other than or a repairer approved by Cameracal Ltd.

     Lost or damaged data