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Workshop - How Does My Camera Work?

Workshop - How Does My Camera Work?

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What we won't be teaching you?

We won't be teaching you how to take good photographs, composition, lighting etc. There is a huge choice of photography tutors out there to do that.

What we will be teaching you?

What we will teach you is how to use your camera. From the basic controls to configuration for a particular genre depending on your existing knowledge. Cameras today are highly sophisticated electronic tools. They are packed full of features and functionality that are often overlooked.

If you don't have the time, patience or inclination to read those chunky manuals that come with the camera then a workshop with our resident expert is the perfect answer.


 Topic Covered

  • Camera configuration for different genres of photography
  • Navigating around additional menus
  • Exposure
  • Focus settings for different scenarios
  • Flash
  • Best practise for video
  • Why shoot in RAW. Implications of shooting RAW with software compatibility
  • Workflow

 Things to bring with you - your camera and any accessories and include fully charged batteries and memory cards.